Saskia grows up in Bussum, the Netherlands, in a musically diverse environment. As a child, Saskia plays many different music instruments, including the recorder, flute, trumpet, and the electric and acoustic guitar. At the age of twelve, while taking part in a music competition with her flute, she sees a cello for the first time. This turns out to be a memorable moment for Saskia, and she decides to start playing cello at the age of fifteen.


After three years of cello lessons at the Gooische Muziekschool, Saskia starts her study at the Fontys Conservatory in Tilburg. Two preparational years lead to a bachelor study (with Paul Uyterlinde) with a minor in baroque basso continuo.

During her studies, Saskia follows masterclasses with Daniël Müller-Schott and Shmuel Magen in Jeruzalem. Together with Elianne Anemaat, she is also a founding member of cello rock band Sundqvist (2004-2007). They compose music for cello and drums and perform in 2006 as a support act for the renowned symphonic metal band After Forever (Floor Jansen).


Saskia also plays bass guitar and the Persian kamancheh for a while, although cello remains her primary instrument. Eventually, Saskia earns her Master of Music Cello degree, having studied with Paul Uyterlinde and Dmitry Ferschtman.

After her graduation, Saskia settles down in Amsterdam as a freelance performer and teacher. She works with various ensembles, choirs and solists (led by Jan Quintus Zwart, Martin Zonnenberg), as well as with producer and singer Guflux. Saskia is a regular studio and tv performer and collaborated with It Takes 2, Waylon, Dick Kok, Nederland Zingt and Toscaanse Bruiloft. Saskia played concert series on cruise ships for three years with string quartet and pianotrio.

As a cello teacher, Saskia develops her skills during and after her studies with a minor in didactics, teaching private students, and substitute teaching at various music schools. After her graduation, she starts with group cello lessons for elementary and secondary education at the Leerorkest, and later on also through PI – Muziek voor Kleuters in Bilthoven. Saskia also provides private lessons through her private practice in Amsterdam and in Bussum, at Globe Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur in Hilversum and Weesp, and at Aslan Muziekcentrum in Amsterdam.

Cello Lessons

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