Cello lessons



For over fifteen years, Saskia has been teaching the cello to both young and old, in private and to groups. Private lessons are held at Globe Centrum voor Kunst en Cultuur in Hilversum and Weesp, at Aslan Muziekcentrum in Amsterdam, and in her private practice in Amsterdam and in Bussum. Everyone is welcome, whether you are very young or a bit older, lessons every week or only once in a while. It is all possible! Private lessons in Amsterdam/Bussum can be planned by appointment and start at any moment you want. This allows for a bit of extra flexibility for students who are unable to take lessons every week.

An individual approach and the joy of playing come first in every lesson. Saskia always combines easier and more difficult songs, exercises and duets. She chooses the material based on the student’s personal wishes, and what she believes is necessary to improve your cello playing both technically and musically.


The lessons take place in Amsterdam Zuidoost near the

Johan Cruijf Arena/train station Bijlmer Arena.


under 21                       21 and older

30 minutes, 30e            30 minutes, 40e

60 minutes, 45e            60 minutes, 55e


The lessons take place at the Doctor Frederik van Eedenweg 43.



under 21                         21 and older

30 minutes, 35e              30 minutes, 45e

60 minutes, 50e              60 minutes, 60e

Private lessons at home

Rates to be agreed on.

For questions/more information: info@saskialepoole.nl

Where to get a cello

For an affordable, quality cello you can visit 'van der Knaap Vioolbouw' in Baarn.